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Publish your monthly Family Newsletter on this site with a minimum of hassle and expense. Simply furnish us with your information for each issue and we will take it from there. Here are two great examples of how your family's newsletter might look: Eagle Family and Christian Family.

This is going to be fun! Come along on a journey through months of family life with your cousins, uncles, aunts, siblings, parents and/or grandparents.

Grandma, Daughter, and Grandkids

If you've taken the trip before, you qualify as a guide. Urge your Family to submit articles and photos and then read the published Newsletter.

With more involvement of family members, your Newsletter will be more complete.

Young People on Swing

You say your family doesn't have a Newsletter here as yet? Go to My Family Newsletter Details for more information on how you and your loved ones can make your own monthly journal happen!

For ideas on what to submit to your newsletter editor, consult My Family Newsletter Ideas.

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For $40 per issue for one page (max of 1,000 words plus up to 5 photos), you may place your family's newsletter on this site.

$30 for each additional page.

Choose your family's Editor (ALL materials to be published will come to us from this one person).

Choose your Treasurer (Can be the same person or another).

Full payment and all of the newsletter copy must be in our office by the due date given, for the newsletter to be published on time.

All terms of our contract are binding.